The CONNECT Programme

Careers Smart presents a series of career related activities across the school year to help students in preparing for a future in the world of work. The activities will help students -

  • Explore a range of contemporary careers and possibilities for the future
  • Understand the broad concept of work in the context of earnings, lifestyle and work values
  • Recognize their interests, aptitudes, and abilities, and their relevance in making career decisions
  • Open their minds and broaden their horizons beyond traditional aspirations
  • Integrate career planning with academic learning in the classrooms
  • Assist with students' development of social skills, personal values, and self-esteem.

Our counsellor will be available in the school once a week to conduct a series of programmes aimed at achieving the above objectives. They will cover three major areas:
How to Plan your Career

  • Inter-active workshops using audio-visual aids will include:
  • How to draw up a career plan – exercises to help you discover yours
  • Higher education options open to students of each subject stream

Career options flowing from these which can be followed by a question & answer session.

Exploration of Careers

Audio-visual, interactive workshops, encapsulating a detailed survey of contemporary careers designed to give young learners an insight into the world of work. This will enable them to start the thinking process for making career choices. Each module:

  • covers two to three occupations within a general career field
  • gives information about these in a comprehensible format covering the areas of work,  salary, environment and general career prospects.
  • describes the academic and personal requirements for  each.

Individual Assessment and Career Couselling Programme

We conduct individual counselling to students to provide them with a detailed assessment of the most appropriate career options, based on an analysis of their individual talents. For the purpose we use a set of scientific assessment tools, termed SmartScan, specifically designed to link an individual’s personality, interests and aptitudes with the best career options. 

Group Counselling Sessions

An interactive exercise is conducted to bring about awareness of one’s aptitude, interests and personality with reference to career options. The session will include:

  • Interactive Exercise
  • Information on Career Options emerging from the interactive exercise
  • Question and Answer Session

Life Skills Workshops