Many companies are now conducting career guidance programmes for their employees’ children and also adopt some schools as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Keeping that in mind we provide a wide range of services such as:

Career Planning Group Workshop

The workshop is an introductory programme to career planning, its importance and methodology.
It follows a broad overview of various career options available to students of every stream.
The interactive workshop, using audio-visual aids, assists students in identifying career options and appropriate higher education routes, thus enabling them to determine the steps they need to take to equip themselves for the world of work.
During the question and answer sessions, students and their parents can put forward any question they may have on the different options available, as also on the most suitable institutions for study in India and abroad and the job opportunities thereafter.

Individual Assessment and Career Counselling Programme

We conduct individual counselling to students to provide them with a detailed assessment of the most appropriate career options, based on an analysis of their individual talents. For the purpose we use a set of scientific assessment tools, termed SmartScan, specifically designed to link an individual’s personality, interests and aptitudes with the best career options. Each student participates in the SmartScan and hands over the completed Answer Sheets for analyses by our counsellors.  Our counsellors then interact with each student along with their parents on a one-to-one basis, for detailed guidance on the most suitable career options, subjects to be selected in Plus Two/ college, selection of institution and  future study routes.  Subsequently, a complete Career Profile is handed over to each student.

Group Testing & Counselling Sessions

The group testing and counseling which can involve both students and parents will cover inter-active exercises which help students conduct a basic self assessment to determine their individual personality, interests and aptitudes  which can be linked to the most appropriate career  option.  Our counsellors will interact with the students  during this session so as to guide them in selecting the most suitable career options, the subjects to be selected in Plus Two/ college, selection of institution and  future study routes.  

Life Skills Workshops