We offer Career Counselling services for College students :

After College, What Next?

The focus of this workshop is to expose students to the job market and the new and exciting upcoming careers they can pursue. It will assist them in identifying career options after graduation and the appropriate higher education routes to each. This will enable them to map out their career plans, determine the higher educational courses they should consider, and to develop the necessary job skills that employers will look for. 

The inter-active workshop using audio-visual aids will include:

  • Choosing a Career – the factors determining the choice of a career and the most appropriate higher education courses available
  • The Job market – new careers to explore
  • Job Audit – skills employers look for
  • Job skills – CV writing and  Interview Skills
  • Question & answer session.

During the question and answer sessions, students and their parents can put forward any question they may have on the different options available, as also on the most suitable institutions for study in India and abroad and the job opportunities thereafter.

Individual Assessment and Career Counselling Programme

We conduct individual counselling to students to provide them with a detailed assessment of the most appropriate career options, based on an analysis of their individual talents. For the purpose we use a set of scientific assessment tools, termed SmartScan, specifically designed to link an individual’s personality, interests and aptitudes with the best career options. Our counsellors analyse and  interact with each student along with their parents on a one-to-one basis, for detailed guidance on the most suitable career options after graduation and future study routes. 

Group Counselling Sessions

An interactive exercise is conducted to bring about awareness of one’s aptitude, interests and personality with reference to career options. The session will include:

  • Interactive Exercise
  • Information on Career Options emerging from the interactive exercise
  • Question and Answer Session

 Life Skills Workshops