Amrit Sujan

Spending the formative years of her life in the UK, Amrit graduated from the London School of Economics and was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, London. Awarded a postgraduate diploma in Business Management, she returned to India to join the human resources department of a leading multinational company in Kolkata, the first woman to be taken into their management stream through the normal route, hitherto solely the preserve of men. She continued to challenge stereotypes and break new ground, whilst achieving a senior position in the company.

This was followed by a project with the World Bank as a human resource consultant in their Power Sector Reform project, which led to a four year assignment as the communication expert in an international consultancy firm.

Among several honorary appointments, Amrit has served as a Trustee on the Board of the LVP Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

Her experience on the ‘recruiters’ side of the fence has been invaluable in developing a range of services at Career Smart of particular value to career seeking youngsters.

She has co-authored the book, Alternative Career Choices, published by Macmillan, and contributes articles and ‘expert opinion’, on careers and study abroad options, for newspapers, television channels and online sites.