life skills workshops

A child spends approximately 45% of his day at school and performing school activities where he engages with individuals and acquires knowledge and skills that are vital to his over all development. Life Skills Development must be a part of every school curriculum as we find that more and more students today are entering the workforce with limited skills to adapt to their new environment. Today’s students need to be equipped with these ‘soft skills’ that help them deal with situations and individuals in a more efficient manner. We provide interactive workshops that make learning these key skills fun, informative and engaging, and help young adults develop transferable skills that are essential for their career and practical job seeking skills -

1. Enhancing Self Esteem
2. Communication Skills
3. Enhancing Memory and Concentration
4. Stress Management
5. Handling Exam Anxiety
6. Study Skills
7. Team Building Skills
8. Interpersonal Skills
9. Job Seeking Skills – CV’s, Group Discussions and Interviews