counsellor at school

As per the specific needs of the school we provide a counsellor at various times in the month to visit and guide the students to make career decisions. The Counsellor administers psychometric tests, provide career information and conduct counselling sessions at the school premises. This arrangement will aid the schools in providing the students with career information and individual guidance in dealing with their issues in the classroom.

Exploration of Careers

Audio-visual, interactive workshops, encapsulating a detailed survey of contemporary careers designed to give young learners an insight into the world of work. This will enable them to start the thinking process for making career choices. Each module:
a) covers two to three occupations within a general career field
b) gives information about these in a comprehensible format covering the areas of work,  salary, environment and general career prospects.
c) describes the academic and personal requirements for  each.

The counselor can also handle skill building workshops & activities.